Bicycle Service, Repair, and Installation

At Velorangutan we will provide the highest quality service to your bike with exceptional attention to detail.  Our focus is high end bikes, but we will not turn any bike away.  We have the ability to fix anything from vintage hipster bikes, to the newest technology including mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, track, bmx, and beach cruisers.

Each bike brought in for service will be unique in what it needs.  Blanket Tune-Ups are not always the best approach.  We'll go over your bike to find everything that needs attention and discuss with you our thoughts on Needs vs Nice to Haves.  

Additional services we provide:

  • Box and ship your bike
  • Insurance Estimates
  • Build your bike.  Either from a boxed bike to a frame and box of loose parts.
Bicycle Service and Repair in Austin, Texas