Less Light and Cooler Weather is Upon Us

Less Light and Cooler Weather Upon Us

Struggling to find time to ride with shorter days? Is your cycling wardrobe winter ready?

Here are some hints to help:


Invest in Lights 💡 

Humans aren’t bioluminescent by nature but gloworm lights make it possible for us to see in the dark! Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, more light means more time to ride outdoors. 🌙🦉🚵‍♀️ Get with the glow worms 🐛 and light up the night!  


Indoor Advocate? 📺

Did someone say trainer? Fan of digital avatars, simulations and screens? With a growing number of apps, indoor pedaling provides the freedom to choose when, how long and how hard you want to ride. Not only that but you won’t have an excuse not to ride when the weather is unfavorable. We have Wahoo trainers in stock right now!


Wheels for lunch? 🚵🏼

If you have the option to get out during lunch, mid-day rides are a great way to recharge and soak in some vitamin D. Want extra points? Stash a burrito in a jersey pocket for lunch on the go. 🌯 😋 


Winter Wardrobe Musts: 🥶⛄💨

Having the right items in your winter cycling wardrobe can make a world of difference. January is the coldest time of year in Austin so get ahead of the weather now! Vests are one of our favorite items for winter that also come in handy for windy weather throughout the year.

Some other essentials are arm warmers, leg warmers and full finger gloves. Ask us about 100% brand gloves and other items while they last!


At Velorangutan, we believe it’s always a good time to ride—no matter the weather or light.